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We are a Melbourne-based company formed by a group of hospitality professionals who are passionate about good food and beverage. We believe we have created something unique that the market is truly ready for. A low sugar sparkling product featuring intriguing natural flavours, never before seen in a beverage.

While restaurants often suggest particular wines to be paired with their food, unfortunately if you can not or do not want to consume alcohol, your choices are very limited to traditional sugar-laden soft drinks or plain sparkling mineral water, which often do not complement the food. This is why we have teamed with an executive chef, with more than 30 years’ experience in 5 star hotels and restaurants, to develop flavour combinations to pair with food. Furthermore, we will continue to add flavours to our range as seasons change to allow you more choices.

The situation in bars is similar, with very limited choices of non-alcoholic beverages for those who can not or do not want to consume alcohol at all, or throughout a ‘session’. All our flavours are dry, low sugar and low calorie, but taste great on their own. However, should you wish to mix up your favourite cocktails, or add gin, vodka or your favourite spirit, then Seco Sparkling is great for that too.


As the directors of Seco Sparkling are all passionate hospitality professionals who enjoy great food and drink, we believe our product will fill an important gap in the beverage market.


  • We’re refreshing the soft drink category with a premium new offering
  • Our product is refreshingly dry and delicious
  • We continually refresh our range with new flavours and seasonal launches


  • We make products that people want to be seen holding
  • Seco Sparkling is made for aspirational occasions and venues
  • We think big and believe we will make a global impact


  • We’re passionate about good food and drink
  • We recognise and celebrate the power of good food and drink as a social connector
  • We love what we do


  • We provide people with a healthier alternative to typical soft drinks
  • We care about the society we operate in and give back through our support of OzHarvest
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Sip, and savour a refreshingly dry, natural beverage with intriguing flavours. Pair with food as an understated alternative to alcohol. Mix to create sophisticated cocktails the way you like. Our flavours combine particularly well with the new wave of gins, vodkas, rums and other quality spirits.

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