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Top Ten Award Winners at the 2019 Drink Easy Awards


  • Refreshingly dry. Less than 3% natural sugars and no artificial sweeteners.
  • Intriguing natural flavours. All natural ingredients.
  • Created by lovers of good food and drink.
  • For those wanting more from a non-alcoholic beverage. Finally.
  • Sip, pair or mix, mindfully.
  • Love life. Love Seco.
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We are a Melbourne-based company formed by a group of hospitality professionals who are passionate about good food and beverage. We believe we have created something unique that the market is truly ready for. A low sugar sparkling product featuring intriguing natural flavours, never before seen in a beverage.

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Sip, and savour a refreshingly dry, natural beverage with intriguing flavours. Pair with food as an understated alternative to alcohol. Mix to create sophisticated cocktails the way you like. Our flavours combine particularly well with the new wave of gins, vodkas, rums and other quality spirits.